Wetlands Watch 

is dedicated to the conservation and protection of wetlands throughout Virginia.

We believe that…     

Education leads to informed and engaged citizens who appreciate and value wetlands, providing the motivation and knowledge to protect and conserve them. Environmental regulators and local government need the support of these informed and engaged citizens to effectively enforce laws and regulations. Wetlands protection and conservation cannot be achieved without consensus, commitment, and partnership.  Working at the state and local government levels, Wetlands Watch and its partners look at land use and regulatory practices, identify the factors that undermine wetlands protection, and advocate for changes needed for effective stewardship of our wetlands resources.

Through better land-use decisions and practices wetlands impacts from activities like dredging, hardened shoreline protection like bulkheads, sprawl and shoreline development can be minimized or avoided. At the local level, Wetlands Watch works with homeowners, developers, planners and regulators to encourage better land-use decisions and practices.

Sea Level Rise combined with land subsidence threatens tidal wetlands, wildlife and fish habitats, and the economy in coastal Virginia. In order to prepare for these impacts and ensure a vibrant economy and environment, Virginia must develop and implement an adaptation plan.  Wetlands Watch works to raise awareness, engage and educate all stakeholders and decision-makers about existing and potential sea level rise impacts, incorporate this threat into regional and local land-use plans and decisions, and develop and implement sea level rise adaptation plans.