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UNLESS someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better.  It's not.
 --  “The Lorax” by Dr. Seuss

If you care a whole awful lot about special natural areas, like wetlands, you should take the next steps – get involved in protecting wetlands.

Become a Wetlands Advocate

Advocacy involves working for wetlands protection in a number of different ways.  

You can ask local government leaders to avoid development in and around wetlands.  If you know a special wetland or watershed, get in touch with your local planning department and let them know of your interest in watching development in that area.  Ask if any rezoning or development activity is planned – and keep calling back every few months if you see activity in those areas.

When land use changes are in the works, get in touch with elected and appointed officials on the planning commission and city council/county board.  Go to planning commission meetings, city council and county board meetings where land use decisions are made and learn how they work.

You can keep your eyes open for wetlands permit applications in local media outlets, local government websites, and posted on wetlands properties.  Get in touch with your local government wetlands board and ask to be put on the mailing list for upcoming meetings – or check those localities that have websites for their wetlands boards. Then get involved in the permit decisions at the local and state levels.

Learn More About Wetlands Advocacy

Practice Wetlands Stewardship

If you live near a wetland, be a good neighbor!  Want  to learn more about the simple things you and your neighbors can do will help wetlands?  

Read More About Wetlands Stewardship

Join in our Work

Become a member of Wetlands Watch

Wetlands Watch relies on memberships, donations, and foundation support to do our work.  This allows us to remain an independent voice for Virginia’s wetlands.  We are the only statewide nonprofit in the eastern united states working solely on wetlands protection.

 Become a Member and Donor

Volunteer to help

You can volunteer to help us in a number of ways.

Send us your contact information so that we can call on you when we are cleaning up a wetland in your area.  Through the years we have waded into the marsh to remove debris that kills wetlands plants and keeps wetlands from working at full capacity.

You can volunteer to clean up a wetland in your area – we can help set up the event and provide assistance to you and a group of your friends.

You can also help by keeping your eyes open for wetlands-disturbing activities and let us know when you see something that looks bad.

Learn more about Volunteering for Wetlands Watch

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You can subscribe to newsletters from Wetlands Watch and other organizations to be alerted when legislation is introduced or regulations are being developed that affect wetlands.  We’ll keep you informed of issues as they come up and, together with other advocates, your voice can make a difference.

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